chau resides in melbourne and has a profound interest in the fashion industry beyond playing dress up at photoshoots and trying to take home extra bottles of wine at party events.

since the establishment of the blog in late 2013 with musings to do with personal interests of the industry, chau has since moved onto trying to create discussion amongst other individuals interested in the same thinking - that the fashion industry is more than just glitz and glamour, it is about transcending culture, history and art as an expressive and creative industry.

chau has contributed to the expansion and awareness of the industry through multiple fashion events dealing with multiculturalism and sustainability, as well as connections between asia (south korea) and australia as an ambassador at fashion week f/w 2015.

she's also had the honour of having a paper published until the UN ECOSOC guidelines that discuss the variable importance of women in the textiles industry.

as of april 2016, the blog has changed from jjjeou to thedevilhatessweatpants.

majority of the posts on this blog serves mainly as an archival page with all the articles that have been published on various platforms which chau has worked with.