19 January 2017

Diary *2017*

I went full rogue last year and didn't post anything related to my life, because there was too much going on that I didn't know where to start. I think people were kind of aware of what was happening though just because I was vocal about it every now and then online, but otherwise I don't think I ever elaborated.

Recently I turned *21*, the big numbers that reflect way too much - work, life, social, finishing uni, flipping over pages into becoming an adult and just a lot happening - changing mentally and physically. I feel incredibly blessed just because of all the good vibes and positive energy that I've been feeling so far that I didn't feel last year.

There were more ups than downs for sure, but I still felt very pressured/ tired/ sad all the time, I didn't and never talk about it, but it's a very heavy feeling in the chest. 

I want to be a better and happier person this year, one of my biggest goals is to do a good deed a day, whether it's big or small, as long as I feel satisfied afterwards about my decision.

Work harder too, but not too hard that I get exhausted.

Also to be more selfless to others but also a bit more selfish for myself too. 

To write more! Be more! Build my *brand* more too, I think more people know me through my jeou pseudonym than anything. That's great.

I feel almost positive and good about things that will happen this year, as long as I am persistent in working towards what I want.