28 October 2015

Eco-friendly Runway

Time flies when you're busy, as it may seem I wasn't able to collect myself to post since I had a lot of small projects going on and school.
Last weekend I was invited to be apart of a runway that celebrates the work of sustainable and eco-friendly designers from both local and international designers, the focus is to provide consumers with trends that both eco-friendly for the environment as well as being (almost) on par with the runways of the big four cities. Think organic, from naturally dyed garments to recycled, zero-waste products that look so beautifully crafted you wouldn't even think twice about how they were produced. Their philosophy, as all the designers and staff apart of the runway was to make sustainable fashion a default that values basic human rights and the environment. Awesome.

This was the first runway event I worked with since coming back from Korea, it brought back a lot of good memories and the adrenaline feeling. I'm starting to move away from general industry work too these days, I'm looking towards more sustainable things since my view (of things in general) has kind of shifted since being back home.

If you couldn't tell already I was totally in love with the model with incredible silver hair and there were male models too but they were, eh, whatever. Possibly a part 2 if I can be bothered to sort through more photos.