24 September 2015

New Names for New Eras

Current CD of their respective labels, Christopher Bailey, John Galliano, Miuccia Prada, Hedi Slimane, Ralph Lauren
Remember back in 2014 in October when Maison Martin Margiela announced that John Galliano would be taking over as creative director and having his debut show in London in 2015? The fashion world went into a frenzy because one, John Galliano was making a triumph return into the fashion industry and two, he was dropping the ‘Martin’ from the house’s name, making it Maison Margiela, ushering the widely known avant-garde name into a new era that would be John Galliano. 
That was considered one of the major changes in the world of fashion as the eras shifted, and while some big name houses are still grasping tightly onto the original names of their founders, sometimes when designers leave and the creative director change, so do comes a bit of a name change, for the sake of a new chapter, as it is. In celebration of Fashion Week, which is happening right now, let’s take a look at five big houses that have changed their names over time.

01 September 2015

Year of the Instagram Models

Think back to the days of MySpace and MSN where it was more about picking the right song to put as your tagline or arranging your top 4, 8, no, 10 best friends. It was also the age of waiting for your crush to get online and then signing on moments later pretending it was coincidental.