18 August 2015

(150815) From me to You

Test shoot by Benjamin Kim

Last week I got with a friend before a client shoot we had to do and decided to have a bit of fun. I'm absolutely riveting.

I feel like this professional-ish blog is becoming more visual and personal than ever.

17 August 2015

First half of 2015, rewinded

RE: to my previous post, let the images do the speaking.

16 August 2015

Memory Play SFW15

Was sorting through some (see: many) photos to sort out my folio and I thought some gems that never seemed to make it through any other posts of mine. I ended up skimming through over a thousand or so images and videos of my four days on row working (playing?) at SFW.
I think back and I'm like, woah what a crazy and lucky experience for myself to be able to be there and capture moments. 
I still look back on pictures and remember the sounds, the lively atmosphere, the people, the seatings arrangement and view from every single show I sat at, just.. the craziness of it all. My skin is still crawling.