17 June 2015

Seoul Photodump - 3

It seems that time has gone by so quickly to the point where I realised that I'm already on the final leg of my time away in Korea. I think it's insane that I've spent almost half year away from home in a country that has a different culture, cuisine, lifestyle and citizens to the point where I went from not being able to cope with the cultural shock to now being too comfortable with the way I've been able to adapt so well. I'm disappointed that I have to give up the life I've created here in this space to go back home, but at same time, I'm always telling myself that good things must come to an end.
I believe in the idea of sharing memories and pictures to anyone that I talk with - it helps to get over the post-trip blues and helps to keep fond memories alive.
Racking through hundreds of pictures I took between the last two months, I thought it'd be fun to share them (in no order) in a 500 x 500 collage of places, people, things and of course - food. Some pictures I've shared on Instagram, but most of these are considerably #unseen from my life here.
Each has a story to tell and I'm pretty sure if someone were to ask me about any image from here, I'd be able to talk about what happened at that time, who I was with or what I was doing.

09 June 2015

RE: Met Gala 2015 aka excuse to be racist

About a month or so ago, there was a red carpet event that was meant to be celebrating the opening for an exhibit dedicated to the historical art and culture of China - which is fine. However, there were so many celebrities that did me (and so many other people) so wrong when they turned up to the even wearing 'interpreted' attire for the theme of the Gala - the theme of China. (Rather, many guests took it upon themselves to just generalise it as an Asian theme event and wore, well you know, anything remotely Asian lol.)
Here is  an image of Fan Bingbing in her role as part of her drama series, 武媚娘传奇. For good reason too.