09 April 2015

Seoul Photodump - 2

Post-SFW, and I am mentally drained. As soon as the week finished, I went straight back to being a regular student and I was fine on the outside, but I was so tired, and still am, just from the rush of everything. Exams are soon and thus I'm trying to balance out socialising, because I've seemed to become a social butterfly here (good for my timid personality back home actually), for studying, budding relationships - a totally different story save for some other time and for my personal time. Which I think I can manage, it's just I feel like I never have time to actually think about it. That's why I decided spontaneously to do a dump post today to sort out a few highlights in the past few weeks and to just try to make sure I can still write properly in English (I'm beginning to lose my English speaking skills.)