05 March 2015

Seoul Photodump - 1

The past week in Korea have been exceptionally wonderful for personal growth, culture shock and lots of eating. It still feels surreal to be here and sometimes I wake up going, "oh my god, I'm not at home, I'm away for studying."
Classes have been really good too, even for orientation. Sometimes I felt a bit out of place because I would be singled out as an international student and have lots of eyes on me but I've kind of grown to like it, with people coming up slowly to say hi to me in English. It's really cute actually, I've noticed that the students here are incredibly good at English but are just shy about conversing. Just like me with Korean, they're too worried about their pronunciation and if they'll make mistakes, as I'd be with my Korean so we just don't talk at all.
I've made lots of good friends too so I'm thankful for this chance to really expand my network of international friends.
I'm still kind of in a massive loop of school/ going around vlogging (very dedicated for the time being) and meeting people, so I haven't really had the time to sit down and properly blog about anything that would be fashion related and/to Korea either, so for now just have fun looking at a picture heavy post - one picture can be worth a thousand words~