04 March 2015


Gentlemonster Quantum Project x Overgrown Park
Installation Exhibition in conjunction with Park Sohee

In an unconventional space in the middle of Hongdae, redesigned for show every 25 days, white cobblestones are laid out all over the floor and an a make-shift bar gym-slash-playground has been put in place to give an array of plants to hang out and grow, almost like a wild jungle. In order to survive the cold days of Seoul, the combination of tropical and native flowers and trees absorb their nutrients through the air, which is always, almost moist with a cool mist - which is basically the theme of the installation.

While the winter is slowly coming to an end in Korea, this is a wonderful way to welcome the early Spring to curious minds who step into the space to take a look around.
This joint installation is a way for Gentlemonster to promote artists and also help their profit-margins with their products, because trust me, when you're in a beautiful space like that, you'd want to buy a keepsake.
It was one of the most refreshing art installations I've ever seen - I'm a huge lover of floral and being in such a simple yet well constructed space like that really blew my mind away. Even in pictures, I don't think it'd be enough for me to even try to explain just how wonderful it was.
The atmosphere built for the installation was 'a secret garden inside the city centre where strangers will wander in unexpectedly, but come out with a refreshed feeling of an unforgettable experience.'

I went to take a look at the installation twice - once during the day and during the evening. The atmosphere is more alive during the evening, but it got really crowded, so I think I preferred it during the day. Either way, I can happily say that I really enjoyed it, and while the actual installation was one highlight, the other highlight was personally getting given flowers by a stranger, a mission encounter!  I was walking out of the space when I was given this wonderful bouquet of flowers. Whether it was to say thankyou for coming to visit as a general gift, or whether it was a special moment, I'm thankful.