17 February 2015


(150216) Anonymous asked: Hey Chau! Would you ever do a what's-in-my-bag post? I'd love to see what are your holy grail accessories!
Ah, you ask and it shall be answered. In good time too since I'm in the middle of packing so this was a good way to help me sort out what to bring with me while I'll be away, so let us get started? (I didn't really think through how I was going to do this so bare with the crummy pictures, please and thankyou) 

I've learnt over time that I don't like carrying things around when I'm out, or if I have to carry something, it has to stand out, and upon being asked to do this kind of post, I realised that I have three different types of bags that I use on a daily basis that cycle through going out and work. Walking around with a big bag is something I'm not fond off at all because I'm petite and it reminds me of how awful highschool was with our 5kg bags full of textbooks. Sorry if I've suddenly disappointed because I don't have faux accessories on me, I just.... do not like bags.
Noted though, I do have three basic staples that I'll always have on hand or in pockets: 
1/ phone/earphone combination: as long as I have a fully charged phone and earphones, I can go without a bag at all. Music is my long-time favourite past-time hobby, with reading manga quickly becoming the second (I've been on an anime/manga rampage as of late but that's another story.)
2/ lip balm: I never used to be the kind of person to take lip balm with me anywhere outside of the house but it's become a habit (and a good one picked up too) since the weather in Melbourne is unbearable and always changing, which causes changes to my skin without warning. Handcream is also something I've started taking out with me alot, it shows when someone on the train looks at you when you open some handcream.
3/ card: I am not the kind of person who likes to walk around with cash or a wallet. I've always had trouble with wallets and opening them under pressure situations (rush-time at mcdonalds is the worst.) so carrying and using cash is the easiest and quickest option for me.

1. The barest essentials for when I really don't want to take a bag. Fell in love with this envelope bag when I was in Korea back in September. It's tiny but it fits everything I would need if I was in a rush.

bag: lapalette 

2. Out of all my bags this is my most prized possession of a pouch just because my best friend chose it for me. I use this more for days out when I want to look reasonably good. The story behind this is that while in Korea (yes I got my hands on a few bags) is that my best friend had egged me on to buy this when she saw how much I liked Bambi on leather. It took her an hour of coaxing me while we were lying in bed at the hotel and I went "yes! okay take me tomorrow and I'll get it before I regret it." Probably my most favourite designer bag I have up to date, so I don't plan on getting another pouch soon, or ever for that matter.

pouch: givenchy
wallet: lapalette 
phone case: elevenplus+

3. The biggest bag I'll ever consider having, it carries most of the things I'll need if I have a busy day out. I only ever use this for work and when I know I'll be out all day with lots of errands to run so I throw everything from an agenda to games in there LMAO. I hate having to carry bags so having any kind of bag that can be slung over the shoulder is something I like prefer.

bag: coach
notebook: muji
console: nintendo

If ever you were at a point of curiousity at what kind of makeup I usually take with me on a day-to-day basis. I was given some handcream by a good friend from tolymoly and I am really inlove with the smell, I'm obsessed with always having my hands moisturised now. Ah and lipstick too! I used to never be a lipstick kind of person but it really goes a long way, especially if you decide not to wear makeup. (i.e me: lazy, no makeup is okay but lipstick is a must before leaving the house.)

Bonus phonecase: 

I truly and will, promise (to try) to post more. Ha, see what I did there though.