19 February 2015

Updated skin-care routine

The last time I posted anything about my skin-care routine was back in 2013 (it's not like I had posted that much anyway) and since it's 2015, I thought about sharing what I use now, I feel like maybe a few things have changed, but the outcome of the products are still the same and thankfully so, because I still have my dry-sensitive skin. 
+ On the side note that I leave to go overseas on the 20th and the climate changes dramatically, so this is essentially everything I would have to bring with me...
FYI this is how my skin has been looking these days and I have to admit, lots of good food, water and sleep is good for the soul, mind and skin. Cheerzzz xo

Cleaning/ Exfoliating 

For me, overtime it's become more important to make sure to wash my face everyday and cleanse everyday. Even though it's been said that it's not always good to wash your face everyday with products, since it strips the oils off your skin, it personally makes me feel better if I've used a product once a day. Since I have dry skin, it's really hard to find any cleansers that won't irritate it, and I've had bad luck in the past with face-masks. Aloe vera is something that people with super sensitive skin  should be aware off, I recently found out that my skin doesn't react well to it and it causes a really awful stinging sensation. I still like to rotate all my cleansers (I have different brands and products) and this is my cycle atm, with just three products. 
natio gentle foaming cleanser: extremely good for sensitive skin since it's really gentle and light on the skin. I use this every morning and the post-wash feeling really leaves you awake and skin feeling fresh.
etude house dust cut: used at night after a long day out, it helps to wash out any dirt and any air pollution from being outdoors. The product lathers up really well so you only need a small amount and some water.
kiehl's overnight hydrating masque: use before going to sleep or going on a plane, very recommended for those who forget to moisturise. Use it twice a week and it'll help to boost the skin's ability to retain water and keep you hydrated. I love using this when I'm in the air since it's a clear gel-like product and you need not to wash it off afterwards! You can really tell if your skin needs water with this too, since it'll literally just soak in. 

Hydrating + Moisturising

I used to only use moisturiser but I recently found a lot of joy in considering emulsion and toner pre-moisturising. It helps (after cleansing) to re-balance the oils that were stripped off during cleansing and helps to absorb moisturiser better. My skin always seems to look a lot brighter and dewy whenever I take the time to use toner/emulsion.
laneige water bank set: Starting last year, I went from using general moisturiser to using water-based products since my skin was always so dry. It really makes a difference when the skin feels tighter, bright and more moisturised so I would recommend this to any skin-type. The moisturiser tends to be more watery but that's a good thing so don't worry.
I've been asked what these are though (since it seems really confusing, to me it was at first too.)
Toner tights your pores and remove the remaining dead skin cells and residue left over from cleansing. I've learnt that it's a m u s t.
Emulsion is like a light moisturiser and while it's not necessary, some emulsion creams are very concentrated in correcting minor issues like dark spots/ fine lines etc.

Oil Treatment + Protection
Oily products will not give you blemishes! Pimples, cysts, zits etc are the result of different environmental and heredity factors (and sometimes being lazy and not washing your face) - skin naturally produces oil because it needs it so it's not at all malicious to us. For me, my skin doesn't produce nearly enough natural oils so I have to go that extra length to make sure I don't break out in dry skin patches. Following the use of oils (I give it about 20 minutes of waiting time), I follow up with an eye-cream and dust protection base. If you don't really care about wearing make-up, up to this point you're probably ready to go out.
etude house dust cut finishing cream: this helps to cover up pores and protect your skin before you head out, so be assured that this will let you get through the day without any dirt getting in your way! It's extremely good to help remove make up too, I find by using this, make-up tends to come off in fewer wipes than without, as the product makes a barrier over your skin and protects all the moisturising products, helps to keep out everything else. 
skinceuticals eye cream: mind the false packaging, this is actually my mum's and even though I don't think I'm at the age to get wrinkles yet, it's been said that by the time you are 20, you start to get fine lines around the eye area, esp. if you're always crinkling your eyes (i.e laughing). It's just good to keep the eye area moisterised and protected so a little anti-aging cream doesn't hurt anyone.
3ce face oil treatment: I still swear by this oil treatment because it smells nice, works well, leaves a dewy after-look and the bottle actually lasts quite a long time. (My second bottle in four years only?)

Base Coverage

Less make-up, less foundation, less everything, the better for dry skin since you're trying to minimise the amount of (lack of words) damage on your skin. I've started to use less and light products.
banila co radiant cc cream: I'll make mention now that cc cream is formulated to help minor coverage and is mainly to brighten up the skin so you look less tired. It doesn't give 100% coverage like foundation, but it's so much lighter and highly recommended. The product is hydrating and the formula is quite runny too so your skin, while covered, feels really light and moisturised.
banila co hydrating primer: an oil-free primer that gives really good coverage of pores, any minor skin issues and fine lines so that make-up goes on smoothly. It absorbs sebum really well and it leaves the skin in a really refreshed feeling. Again, this product is water based so the product is runny.
etude house dust cut facial mist: along with the finishing cream, this dust-based product will basically mist up a barrier over your face so that nothing gets in the way. I love it so much that whenever I use it, my favourite part of the day is getting home to wipe off my makeup to see how much dirt has been caught in my skin - which btw is barely anything. This mist works in a way to actually repel the dirt and residue off your skin. Oil, sulphate and Paraben free!


And finally just basic things I've come to use regularly in the past few months. Lots of moisturising for both the face and the body, hand creams and lots of lip balm (which surprisingly is the greatest beauty product of all.)

And... that is basically it of what I use. I have lots of stuff that I have but it's all trial and error to figure out what's the best product for me in any climate. I hope this helped with anyone who's interested in trying new stuff. (I never know how to end these posts but I'm on an absolute roll with these posts lmao.)