28 February 2015

Saigon to Seoul 2015

Words cannot describe how crazy the last few days has been. I went from being in Melbourne, to being in Vietnam then going to Korea all within a week. I've been vlogging too, so if you're interested in watching me mumble a bit and running around, the links are here: one, two, three!
It was more an emotional ride than anything else, with my first day in Seoul alone being the hardest, where I had cried at any notification or message I received from loved ones back in Australia and Vietnam. The very idea of actually being alone to study in another country caused me a lot of panic and stress to the point where I almost wanted to drop the entire idea of studying here and going back home to be with family.
Luckily, it was a just a one day thing where I had cried all my emotions and sadness out, and spent the next few days exploring the city by myself. It was actually quite relaxing and really self-esteem boosting. I found out that I was a morning person, always preferring to be out and about before 10am when no people roamed, that I have reasonable memory so I can memorise places, streets and directions, and that in the most natural situations (of being in a store), I can speak perfect Korean without hesitation, but when I'm forced too, will forget everything.
Anyway, warning ahead that the post is a massive photodump of just pictures I took, I've been really lazy this time round since I've been recording everything (and I enjoy it so much too.)