28 February 2015

Saigon to Seoul 2015

Words cannot describe how crazy the last few days has been. I went from being in Melbourne, to being in Vietnam then going to Korea all within a week. I've been vlogging too, so if you're interested in watching me mumble a bit and running around, the links are here: one, two, three!

26 February 2015


Happy belated lunar New Year, or as in Vietnamese, Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! I made my en route
from Melbourne to Saigon on the 20th to spend some time with family that I haven’t seen in ages and to celebrate the ending of Tết and just to explore Saigon (HCMC) for a few days. The last time I was in Vietnam was about 6-7 years ago when I just started highschool, so it's been a long time, so everything and anything was fun to take pictures off (so thankyou to my uncle who was nice enough to wait for me everytime he saw me take my phone out.)
TL;DR, this post is just a general (personal?) photo dump mainly from my phone so I'm not sure how to classify this post. Enjoy the pictures, scroll through, etc.
*For some people, who were curious about why I call the city Saigon instead of HCMC, it's upbringing of family who have their political and personal history with Vietnam. There is no written rule of whether it should be called HCMC or Saigon though.

19 February 2015

Updated skin-care routine

The last time I posted anything about my skin-care routine was back in 2013 (it's not like I had posted that much anyway) and since it's 2015, I thought about sharing what I use now, I feel like maybe a few things have changed, but the outcome of the products are still the same and thankfully so, because I still have my dry-sensitive skin. 
+ On the side note that I leave to go overseas on the 20th and the climate changes dramatically, so this is essentially everything I would have to bring with me...
FYI this is how my skin has been looking these days and I have to admit, lots of good food, water and sleep is good for the soul, mind and skin. Cheerzzz xo

17 February 2015


(150216) Anonymous asked: Hey Chau! Would you ever do a what's-in-my-bag post? I'd love to see what are your holy grail accessories!
Ah, you ask and it shall be answered. In good time too since I'm in the middle of packing so this was a good way to help me sort out what to bring with me while I'll be away, so let us get started? (I didn't really think through how I was going to do this so bare with the crummy pictures, please and thankyou) 

16 February 2015

Why Paris was, is, and always will be the Fashion Capital.

Somewhere along the days, weeks and months of my last post I just got sidetracked with the Christmas, New Year, my birthday, my job, finding out I'd be going away for a few months, spending the remaining days in the country with my best friend and celebrating Valentines etc, etc, etc and lost the mojo to seriously post. I'd rather not post for months on end and then post something worth reading rather than be posting unrefined things that capture my attention.
I was going to leave my blog to linger for a bit more until I went away but someone asked me, between Paris and London, which is the true capital city of #fashion. I was going to give a really half-assed answer but then I realised there really is a lot to it and it'd be nice to write (since I haven't written in ages) and to get in-depth about it would be fun, for anyone who's interested really. (Rather I'm writing this for my own purpose to boost my brain's working ability before I start school again.)