24 September 2014


Whenever I return from a trip, I always find myself going through all my purchase receipts, ticket stubs and pictures for hours just reeling through memories of what happen during a moment of a memory that's been captured. Although I took along a camera but most of the time I was capturing pictures on my phone and along with my VIP bestie (Nini)  who I was so graced to be travelling with - we took over 800+ pictures during our two week stay in Seoul. I was able to explore and do so much that I may have missed out on taking some pictures, but then again, enjoying a moment without taking out a camera doesn't hurt anyone. During those two weeks I really got to enjoy myself, relax a little, visit a few upcoming designer/s (stores) around Seoul, truly bonded with my best friend whom I've come to love so much, spent a lot of money on clothes and skincare (still made the luggage weight limit!), discovered love for bingsu and tteokbokki, unconsciously learnt a handful of vocab to occupy myself and an extra plus, got to see (literally) the idol-love of my life. (He's perfect in real life I have to admit, idols always look so much more flawless when you see them in person.)
The trip was mainly based around Seoul, as Nini and I actually had a to-do list to visit a handful of things and places while commuting through the subway with consistent FREE WIFI (OH YES….There's just so much I'd want to share but I'm still in a daze from coming back so I'll share a few pictures from the trip and truly, one picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you enjoy!
*Image heavy & all pictures were taken by me and Nini  ;w;

Flight boarding to 'Pairs' had us in stitches & 32cm high ice-cream 

Myeongdong (명동)

 I stood at the window looking at the smiling stingray for a long time.

MM6, a must-visit for anyone who is a Margiela fan,  we were impressed by the friendly and impeccable service we got from the staff.

View from Namsan Tower (N서울타워) at night

 Laduree at Shinsegae (신세계) and waffles from Kamong (카몽)


 Hara Donuts (はらドーナッツ) is a must-visit, everything is so cosy and cute.

 I think she was in the middle of sneezing (If you see this post I'm SORRY I DIDN'T REALISE, STILL MY BEAUTIFUL BABY NUGGET THOUGH!)


 Wearing the traditional Hanbok (한복) for pictures.

Model princess strut. ♡

I was convinced into getting a large sized bingsu and while a couple next to our table only ordered a regular, proud of say we (I?) finished it ALL.

Everland's magic tulip tree at night, ready with Halloween decorations!

♡Love ♡You

What a strange, nostalgic feeling to be going through these pictures again for the nth time just to recall all the memories. I am really going to miss all of the banana milk I got to drink and the subway commutes to go places at random hours of the day. Seoul's really left a magical and truly important imprint into my heart because of who I got to spend it with so I am so thankful. I'm certain that my precious Nini enjoyed herself because she made the trip a memorable one for me too but all good things must come to an end, but I know it's only just the beginning for more adventures in the future! ♡ 

If I'm feeling up for it, I'll do another post with all the good places to visit and/or my massive massive haul. 으w으)/