18 March 2014

Sneakerboy & Marais

Melbourne is starting to catch up to the rest of the fashion capitals of the world as the fashionable city in Australia. Even though it's ranked lower than Sydney, in the past year or so, more international luxury brands are opening way for consumers in Melbourne and it's reflecting really well. With the coming end of March, Melbourne will have a handful of new stores for self-proclaimed fashion lovers with brands such as H&M, A.P.C, and the opening of the Emporium (Which will hold over 20 new and international labels including Victoria's Secret!)

Melbourne's newest addition, A.P.C
I went to visit two very well received high-end boutiques that opened up within the last few months. Both stock luxury brands from shoes to jumpers and both are held within beautifully decorated spaces.

16 March 2014

From Runway to Retail

Everyone knows that cerulean sweater speech from the Devil wear Prada (and if you don't, you better get yourself to watching that movie). And I suppose it's quite true.. but a bit more complicated than how Miranda Priestly puts it- the process of having a collection put on the runway then having it condensed down to be put on racks and bought by consumers for half of the price of what a runway piece costs (sometimes) confuses a lot of people. But I guess my driving force for this post is that someone once told me that the runway concept of CdG was a "stupid" because the garments were unwearable. While it's true that some things on the runway are unwearable, it's not stupid.
Fashion is not stupid, it is never stupid. It is a progressing industry of ideas and concepts that can enchant people.