16 February 2014

Stylenanda Nail Lacquer Review

If you remember a while back, my friend came back from Korea and got me nail polish from Stylenanda and I wanted to do a review for it so I thought I'd pick up some more colours to choose from and it'd be more fun to actually play around with. I've done a make-up review from Stylenanda before and I'm sure it'll be time before I go back for more but for now, viola!

The nail polish/ lacquer comes under the 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) sub-label and each bottle is 10mls, safe for all skin types. Ingredients used are what all nail polishes have, so make sure you don't get irritated skin if it gets on your fingers accidentally.

So the product is a very gel-like liquid based lacquer and it will give a very dewy/ shiny finish (after three coats maybe?) so if you prefer a matte kind of nail polish, there's a matte top coat that you can buy too. There are over 20 different shades to choose from and they come in different types too: either the basic nail lacquer, glitter nail lacquer and some of them are either very pigmented or are very transparent (a very faded colour, no matter how many coats you paint on.)

This is the colour that Nini got me, (without being biased it is my favourite colour from all ones I have… hehehe) Since it's a pastel colour, it first coat went on very transparent, you have to be patient so that it dries and then you can apply a second and third coat. If you like faint colours those (or you need it for work/school) then I highly recommend it! Otherwise you can use more opaque colours (like the gold/ dark blue one). It's very watery though (as I've found much of 3CE's products) so it takes a lot of patience for it to dry… something I really don't have.

Note: depending on how much you use on the first go, sometimes the first coat is very uneven and off putting

It's not necessary to put on a top coat because it's already so glossy, but I would say use it if you are always handling things with your hands because I found that this nail polish chips very easily without a protective coat. The colours however all finish off very nicely with a strong pigment (I dare say it's as good as a Chanel or YSL nail polish finish.) Price wise, $5.00 per bottle is actually very cheap, I kept assuming it'd be more expensive because most of 3CE's things are a bit pricey but I'm very happy! The packaging is cute as usual and there is quite a lot of lacquer to use (I'd say it could last me about 5-7 months). I think the only thing/s I didn't like about it is that the bottles don't have very memorable names… Nini and I were talking about the dark blue colour and she said it reminded her of Chanel's Blue Boy. I swear I could think of heaps of good names for all the colours that 3CE have, and also the formula doesn't dry quickly.. it's about a 10-20 minute wait zzzz…..

Rating: ✭✭✭✭ 

While you're here reading away let me share with you what I've been up to recently (just because uni is around the corner…)

And yesterday (15th) was Nini's birthday! She got me chocolates for Valentines (because of course chocolate is my staple) and… I would post a picture too but I may have finished it all already?
We were out and I visited Muji and I have been completely enlightened to the idea of moving out and filling my new place with everything from Muji. I've never been so excited to see clear tables or block-looking photo frames and especially notebooks and pens. Got myself a planner for uni (I know I'll be very busy this year!) and a photo album to put in all my Purkuri stickers hehe. ♡ ‏
Everything at Muji decently priced in my opinion, not too cheap but not too expensive. I'd say it's going to do very well in Melbourne and I hope more stores open soon. I'm thinking of going back soon to do a crazy haul……………..hum……

Anyway, to finish off, I'm very happy with the nail polish and I highly recommend it- if you happen to buy it yourself, let me know what you think of it!

(I tried on the gold colour afterwards, instant love. It makes me feel like royalty hehe.)