01 February 2014

Face/ Skincare

You can probably call this a whats in my make-up bag and a really, really broad make-up tutorial post.
I get many people asking me how I do my make-up or what products I use and while I am the kind of person who really loves to share ideas, I also get really nervous how how people react thus putting it off. I think it became a natural reflex to just look at messages then delete them out of fear and  hope that people forget about it but I g u e s s forgetting doesn't happen that easily sobs. So here's to a post that may enlighten some people on how I make myself go from gollum to fairy whenever I'm out. A reminder that I made a post a few months back with all the products I used (or rotated on) and not much has changed, I still (try to) use the same products since my skin is sensitive and I'm not much of a risk taker for new products unless it's been seriously claimed to work.

Out of all my products there are probably…… two or three… or four………..or even five (I'm not sure) new additions which I will continue to use because they really work for my skin. Ah you can see my gold Comme pouch too. It's gotten so much wear and tear since I started using it as a make-up bag and it's starting to scratch and fade and get marks but that's okay I still love it and the faint leathery smell it has.

Australia is in the hotter season/s at the moment, so I'm  trying to limit the amount of things I put on my face just because my skin becomes really dry during this period. My advice for make-up during hot weather is to always have moisturiser and use water-based foundation.

♡ Skin-care pre make-up

1/ Ginseng Face Mask 2/ Rice Water Cleanser 3/Rosehip Oil 4/ Natio Moisturiser 
Dry skin just means more looking after, and if you're blessed with either normal / oily/ combination skin type then I'm truly, truly envious of you because you probably don't have to go through ten different products to ensure your skin is hydrated cries. I like to find products with value and quality, so the Face Shop is a brand that I really trust. Not only are the products made with natural ingredients (70% of the time) and smell nice do; Koreans take skin-care and overall health very seriously, so you won't doubt their products at all. The order placement of my routine is wrong, but I every day I wash my face with the Rice Water Cleanser. I use a tiny amount (by tiny, I mean like dime-size, or even smaller.) Since I wash my face every morning I don't need to use a lot, this has lasted me since last year? Still in the best condition and still makes me skin feel smooth afterwards. Fortnightly, (since my skin will get irritated) I'll then use a face-mask; I recommend Mango, Chia Seed, Ginseng, Mung Bean and Olive for dry to sensitive skin types.) I prefer the kind where you just take the sheet off and pat whatever is left on your face into your skin. After that I use Rosehip oil, this is something I recently discovered and really like using. It's an organic face serum that not only smells good but seriously hydrates and restores your skin to the purest form it can be. (Use it at night if you want to reduce fine lines!) Finally, follow this by moisturiser.

♡ Make-up

1/ Silky Primer 2/ Chanel foundation 3/ K A T E gel eyeliner 4/ Body Shop Shimmer eyeshadow 5/ LUSH mascara 

Always use primer before putting on any kind of bb cream or foundation, it's probably the most important thing I can stress- especially if you have skin like mine. It goes on to smooth the skin and basically turn it into a canvas so that the foundation goes on really well and helps to keep everything from smudging. Follow that I use foundation; I recently swapped my bb cream for some Chanel foundation which I have come to really enjoy using. At first I was doubtful because it was so expensive for such a small bottle but now I'm in love and in love real deep. A thankyou to my best friend for constantly talking about Chanel make-up and making me intrigued to buy it. For eyeliner! (I get messages about this so much) I am currently using gel eyeliner (by K A T E) it is incredible and much easier to use than pencil. It all depends on how you put on the eyeliner and how sharp the angled brush you use is. *Point for curious people is that I only draw my eyeliner to the centre of the top of my eyelid; find what suits you!! I use eyeshadow at the bottom of the inner corner of my eyes to basically enhance my eyes since I don't use eyeshadow for its original purpose (doesn't suit me). Then just mascara.

♡ Post make-up

I'm not the kind of person that uses bronzer or contouring or doing my eyebrows thus making me feel like a bad person ewgyuhkrjtsekjdfh,k, so I try to make up for that by using blush at the apples of my cheek really sparingly. Then hand cream from Nature Republic (again thankyou to my bestie for getting me this LMAO I love it okay) and finally perfume!! I have no idea what these have to do with make-up but I thought I should add it anyway.

And I suppose…. that is basically what I do for my make-up for all you curious people out there…….
Oh I should add since some people don't know the style of make-up I'm aiming, for; yes my eyeliner is meant to go droopy towards the bottom, it's a trend that I've seen on many idols and I wanted to test it out for myself. So far I really like it- it takes longer to do my eyes but people seem to like it!

(˘⌣˘ ) Hope you found something useful out of reading that…. !