16 February 2014

Stylenanda Nail Lacquer Review

If you remember a while back, my friend came back from Korea and got me nail polish from Stylenanda and I wanted to do a review for it so I thought I'd pick up some more colours to choose from and it'd be more fun to actually play around with. I've done a make-up review from Stylenanda before and I'm sure it'll be time before I go back for more but for now, viola!

01 February 2014

Face/ Skincare

You can probably call this a whats in my make-up bag and a really, really broad make-up tutorial post.
I get many people asking me how I do my make-up or what products I use and while I am the kind of person who really loves to share ideas, I also get really nervous how how people react thus putting it off. I think it became a natural reflex to just look at messages then delete them out of fear and  hope that people forget about it but I g u e s s forgetting doesn't happen that easily sobs. So here's to a post that may enlighten some people on how I make myself go from gollum to fairy whenever I'm out. A reminder that I made a post a few months back with all the products I used (or rotated on) and not much has changed, I still (try to) use the same products since my skin is sensitive and I'm not much of a risk taker for new products unless it's been seriously claimed to work.