12 January 2014


This past week has been a bit of a blur for me, I think I've waited since mid-December for January 10th, my birthday! This year I turned 18, which is a huge step for me into starting my life. I'm excited and really positive about it, I'm also feeling really blessed. Since finding my way onto social networking sites like Tumblr/ Twitter/ Blogspot back in my early teen years, I've met many people who have become extremely important to me; who have befriended me and created relationships with me; or have influenced or encourage me to work harder for my goals. I've really come to cherish everything that's happened to me up until now, whether good or bad I feel like it's helped shape me to become who I am; and I only that I become a better person who has been blessed with a beautiful family and friends; a right for education and knowledge; a bed and clothes to come home too everyday and the ability to follow good morals (as much as possible of course) to be a better person. I think I'm still really ? ? ? at the moment, it's a really strange feeling to finally call myself an adult. I don't feel like it? Yet, here I am. I'll be a really responsible adult I promise, but I'll also remember to stay young!!
I hope I am able to live up to everyone's expectations and do really great things, because I suppose the beginning of my life starts now! I know I keep thanking everyone but it feels so surreal and there's so much gratitude and love I have to offer at the moment ㅠㅠ 
Here is a very ver yvery very tiny picture of me being 18 and holding a sparkler because I told my mum I wanted to
keep my youth intact. She did some weird thing with the camera but it's cool I suppose. 
I suppose I will show you (some) presents I got this year! Over the course of a week, I celebrated my birthday with friends and family, and it just felt like one big long celebration (Someone compared it to Christmas wierhglkdhjfgkr) I felt that messages from people online were like presents too, it geuninely surprised and delighted me to know that people cared! ;^; ♡ 

From my parents, I think this will be something I'll cherish forever. I'm not big on jewellery (I actually dislike it?) but I really liked this and I think I'll be wearing it a lot from now on. I remember a week prior to my birthday my dad barged into my room while I was sleeping and asked to try on a band on my wrist to check the size. At the time I was half-asleep and ????? so I didn't think much of it but now I think back and I'm so grateful to my parents both. Even though I make them angry sometimes and they make me angry, we're all family and bound together forever. So, in the spirit of birthdays, I decided to get my parents a rose each to thank them for raising me up until this point. I love you mum and dad, but I'm not a baby anymore!!!

I got a lot of presents actually, for someone going into adulthood but out of all my presents I think friendship has been one of my favourites. Nini came into my life when I least expected it and made a huge impact on the way I started living to be quite honest. I feel that we're very different but at the same time really similar, and she compliments me really well. I appreciate everything she's done for me as a friend and I can't thank her enough. 2013 was a year where we got to know each other but I hope that while I'm now 18, and it's 2014, that our relationship will continue to grow stronger and we'll have a bond that no-one else has. Talking to her 24/7 is something I value, we don't ever run out of things to talk about, and even if we do, the quite company is still something I love when I'm with her. I know we have a lot of plans for this year, so I only hope that things look bright for us. I owe a lot of my happiness and joy to her; she's a true blessing she is! Saranghae, yehet, yéhet, noot, toot, smiley duck face, kkt stickers, max brenner, etc, I love you, my princess! (Inside joke)

And lastly I can't show yet but I am in the process of actually doing it- I received heaps of messages from people on Tumblr sending good vibes and bday messages to me and I felt really happy. Regardless of the length or who it was from, I took it in stride to reply to everyone individually. Then I decided I'd keep all the messages and print them out and bind them into a book to keep because you're only 18 once. So, to everyone who sent me a message, thankyou!! You are in my heart forever!

And here's a picture of me cowardly lighting up the sparkler because I didn't want my hair to catch on fire but refused to tie it up because I'd look bad in pictures. Thanks mum… again for putting up with me.

And, thankyou to you all for reading/ stopping by/ doing whatever you do on my blog?, I hope that this year will be just as bright for you as I hope it is for me. I hope good karma finds it way to you all and that you're all blessed for 2014 and beyond. As lazy as I am, I will try my very best to post everything I've been promising…..