31 January 2014

Royal Botanic Runway 2014

On the 30th of January, I had walked for an hour in 40 degree heat wearing all black attire around the Botanic Gardens (a massive national park in Melbourne) so I could help out with the Royal Botanic Gardens Runway was that occurring that evening.
This was the first year running for the show, and it was designed to help support and be a fundraising event to help maintain the nurturing and preservation of the gardens for future years to come-as well as show off four of the world's finest designers (Akira Isogawa, Martin Grant, Aurelio Costarella and Collette Dinnigan). Basically it was a gathering for audiences who were passinoate about the environment, fashion ,arts and philanthropy. Helping out backstage was an incredible honour (to be picked out of over 100 applicants, I was told.), I got to meet many beautiful models and of course Akira Isogawa himself! (He was the sole reason I took the chance to help out, actually.) I spent a good five hours prior to the show just fawning over the garments from the designer's F/W 2014 collection and running around trying to get make-up and hair done. I think the highlight of being there was that I was able to meet many people- mainly important people in the industry who would become my connections and help me out within my career path. I was able to meet one of my heroes, Akira, who was overall exactly what people make of him- modest, humble, understanding and kind. I felt like his collection (without being bias) really reflected nature. I was lucky enough to be spending the afternoon talking to him and the floral designer Wona Bae, who decided to give me one of the headpieces to take home since I was so devotedly hovering over his collection. (I would only dress models wearing his pieces LMAO.)
There's so much I want to say and fawn over but I still can't grasp the feeling that I actually got to meet such amazing people, I'm sitting on the floor eating ice-cream at 10 in the morning trying to piece together exactly what happened yesterday because it was such a blur. All I can really say is that I have never felt so honoured and blessed to be in the position I am today.
Also to people online and offline have been really supportive of me in the path I'm working towards, thankyou so much for your kindness and love. I appreciate it so much ♡
The headpiece I was given ;w;

12 January 2014


This past week has been a bit of a blur for me, I think I've waited since mid-December for January 10th, my birthday! This year I turned 18, which is a huge step for me into starting my life. I'm excited and really positive about it, I'm also feeling really blessed. Since finding my way onto social networking sites like Tumblr/ Twitter/ Blogspot back in my early teen years, I've met many people who have become extremely important to me; who have befriended me and created relationships with me; or have influenced or encourage me to work harder for my goals. I've really come to cherish everything that's happened to me up until now, whether good or bad I feel like it's helped shape me to become who I am; and I only that I become a better person who has been blessed with a beautiful family and friends; a right for education and knowledge; a bed and clothes to come home too everyday and the ability to follow good morals (as much as possible of course) to be a better person. I think I'm still really ? ? ? at the moment, it's a really strange feeling to finally call myself an adult. I don't feel like it? Yet, here I am. I'll be a really responsible adult I promise, but I'll also remember to stay young!!
I hope I am able to live up to everyone's expectations and do really great things, because I suppose the beginning of my life starts now! I know I keep thanking everyone but it feels so surreal and there's so much gratitude and love I have to offer at the moment ㅠㅠ 
Here is a very ver yvery very tiny picture of me being 18 and holding a sparkler because I told my mum I wanted to
keep my youth intact. She did some weird thing with the camera but it's cool I suppose. 
I suppose I will show you (some) presents I got this year! Over the course of a week, I celebrated my birthday with friends and family, and it just felt like one big long celebration (Someone compared it to Christmas wierhglkdhjfgkr) I felt that messages from people online were like presents too, it geuninely surprised and delighted me to know that people cared! ;^; ♡ 

03 January 2014

Comme in Seoul

Recently one of my really good friends went to Korea and she promised me beforehand with a big hug that she would definitely stop by the Comme store in Seoul for me...♡