26 November 2013

"Why is that shirt expensive? And why did you buy it?"

I think alot of people who take a stroll through my blog or my instagram or just see me regularly know that I am a "Comme devotee" and I actually have no problem with that, in a way I'm kind of spreading word about this label and shows my pride for my Asian heritage.

I am also not a person of many words so this post is going to be difficult for me because I don't know how to express my feelings in cohesive sentences and images will not suffice.

Okay let's start.

When I bought my first shirt from Comme, I was ecstatic, and being ecstatic means that I have the capability of running everywhere and anywhere to anyone to tell them when something exciting has happened to me. I remember doing just that with my shirt, and I was so pleased with it, like "Hey look at this shirt it's the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me urhgliuhglsjfhgsjhkgd."
Then I had one girl (from school) who literally stopped me and asked "You got that shirt? It's a plain white shirt with a little print on it. And you spent how much on it?"
I don't remember how I answered her (I think I wanted to punch her actually. I hope she's not reading this actually.) but it did bring up the can of worms of the necessity of buying expensive clothes; it's either going to be for the label or the quality. Either way, it's something that many people argue about and I constantly get told that I'm a real idiot for wanting to spend $150 on a shirt.

Hey actually fun story time, once someone I knew bought tickets to go see One Direction and I asked "Why did you spend $500 on 1D?"
"Why did you spend $500 on a cardigan?"

If Ellen can wear one then I have every right too wear one too
Anyway, I get a lot of questions asking why I bother to spend that much money on "designer label" items when I can easily walk into my Cotton On or Myers (H&M, Topshop, ZARA) and get something for less, or even make it myself. People also tell me it's really "dumb" (lack of words to be honest) because I need to keep my finances in tab for more important things in life.
I see no harm in someone wanting to buy a $1200 Prada bag if they have the funds for it; sure it seems hella pretentious and I'm sure a $20 bag from Topshop will have the same function to carry things, but it's just the idea of satisfaction when you buy something. But it depends on the person too, and I can't vouch for every person on the planet to say they'd rather buy an expensive bag over just a functional one.

Ah, you can tell if someone will really cherish their expensive item and will make sure it's used really well; living in Melbourne a.k.a the city of four seasons in one day, I have sat at Starbucks and looked out the window during rain and seen a girl cover her Coach bag with her jacket and let herself get wet while the bag was dry. (Now compare that to a regular hand bag that will get soaked tbh. TBH)

Thinking about it, I think that there are a few things one would want to consider before buying anything that's overly luxurious or expensive- and I suppose these are really valid reasons if you're going to side-eye or grease off anyone with an expensive piece of clothing.

  • This product is going to last longer because it was crafted to the very best quality
  • Have this one expensive product rather than go through five cheap products
  • No one else is going to have the same product within a five-metre radius (imo)
  • The product is going to be used to it's best functionality because it's expensive
  • It's been made in better, safer, and more respectable work conditions
I don't really know if I speak for a lot of people, but I would gladly pay more for a shirt I know I will wear many times as opposed to a cheap shirt that was just cute looking during its trend. I literally have gone from having a closet full of one-time-worn clothes that 20 other girls will have to a closet that is pretty small, but, has some quality and to me, a lot of meaning. And I feel good about it, and I feel special when I wear my clothes, and I'm not ashamed to say that.

For some reason I feel like relating this to food, so,  I would rather eat something at a restaurant where it's been cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients and on-the-spot cooked meat and bits and pieces instead of buying from a food-court stall and getting some sloppy re-heated up shit with unfrozen beef pieces. (I had ramen today that's why.)

The way a product is made too is something I think people should consider- and I know many people don't stop to think about it. (Finally something I learnt in school is helping me.) If you have been bored during the night and found yourself on Youtube looking at how a Christian Dior Haute Couture dress has been made, you can probably pick up the fact that all the workers there seem really dedicated (imo) to their work, they have good lighting, good working conditions, uniforms, space, a good atmosphere and surely good wages- you'd be happy to buy that shirt knowing that your money is giving people who are working money for survival. Now you think about cheap clothes that are made in countries where they desperately need money and will do anything- bad working conditions and unjust wages. Coming from a third-world country that is slowly working it's way up into barely the 'second-world' conditions, I can tell you from visits to Vietnam that working all day and night in bad conditions is not worth the crappy wage at all. And I would not buy cheap clothes that I know are made from factories that slave people like that. Everytime I think about what happened in Bangladesh sweatshop with the fire I feel really bad about being ungrateful sometimes........

I think, however, there is a huge difference (and this is my rebuttal alright, maybe.) between buying something for the quality and wear AND buying something for the label. I have met people who will buy anything and everything from Chanel just because it's Chanel and it's 'almighty amazing wonderful expensive Chanel and I'll buy that lipstick even though I'm really late on my rent lol txt it.' I find that really confusing and I don't think you should do that. Before you say anything about me and Comme, I only buy something when I can, when I feel like I should reward myself, and when there is some special occasion (i.e someone's birthday, exams, etc.) I don't do it for the label, honestly I really just think the cotton is made better in Japan. I think everything is better in Japan. *laughs* 

Plus I can't stress enough that the idea of fashion is something that is individual and personal, and you cannot expect to force someone to buy a cheap article of clothing because you feel it's more worth it which the case could be different for someone else. I went from really disliking snapbacks and uggs to kind to... just neutrally appreciating them because some people like it. Whenever people ask me what I think of ugg boots I just laugh and say that they're not my style but I don't mind them. I just wish people would stop wearing them with pj pants :[ My only complaint.

So..... if you just didn't want to bother reading that then I'll just sum up (try too at least) what I said because I cannot remember what I just typed in the past half an hour and my mum tried making ddeokbokki and the spicy taste is still lingering in my mouth and I don't like it. So:
TL;DR: Quality and self satisfaction. (I just realised I could have just said that from the very beginning to make this a short post but I don't care anymore I needed to complain.)

But hey look, if you would rather buy a shirt from Target instead of Alexander Wang, then be my guest, because I don't really care about how you dress, go stylise that tee into your own! 
And if you can spend $500 to see someone who doesn't know you in a moshpit full of 4582094209 other screaming girls then I can spend $500 on a cardigan which I will have warm winter nights with and maybe find a boyfriend in.