31 October 2013


Amidst this exam time for me, I like to get away to the city to do some exploring to get my mind off the stress of extreme studying and cramming to relax a bit. I thought it'd be a good day to go and visit a very cute and new boutique that has the buy-and-sell concept of avant-garde, thrifted and vintage brands called Archive.

Situated on the fifth floor of Mitchell building in the heart of Melbourne CBD, the boutique is set in a very cute and bright, natural lighting space, much like the Comme des Garçons POCKET store (which is suprisingly not too far off a walk!)
What I really enjoyed about my first and definitely not my last visit is that the atmosphere is so calm and cool, the two ladies behind the boutique, Lauren and Maya, where exceptionally wonderfully and very welcome; they let me browse the store for a good 30 minutes and I fell in love with everything.
If you're the kind of person that loves good clothes regardless of the season or trend, Archive supplies everything from Comme to Yohji, Junya to Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen to Undercover; pretty much a little haven that I wish I could bury myself in.
Prices of these clothes range anywhere from $45 to $2000> and with the quality of the products, I would have to say that it's very worth it! Even if you're not keen on buying anything for the first visit, the ladies are very friendly and would most likely welcome you to browse, inspect, persure and enjoy the clothes, atmosphere, music and space. I could spend another 1000 words describing what it was like to be exploring the boutique, but I won't, because a picture is worth 1000 words anyway, so just enjoy the pictures! *_____*

I was also lucky enough to try on some pieces from Issey Miyake and of course Comme des Garçons, as today is Halloween, I was given a very lovely pleated dress that resembled some what of a crow! I felt very very cool! *w*

I was also given the chance to try on this Comme dress...... and I instantly fell in love............ and made the decision to buy it.........!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I regret it? Not at all. Not even during this busy exam time.

I was told I looked like Wednesday Addams hehe, it was bigger than what I expected but in the end I realised that the look actually fits, I just need the right pair of sneakers and maybe a burst of colour!
Sadly, because my exams last all November, I have decided to collect the dress at the end of the month so I can work hard and not get distracted by it.
I was told that it's the kind of piece that gets alot of attention from customers who walk in and I had weighed my options to buy it because I loved the feel of the material, the construction of the dress and of course I wanted to be the one to own it...........I must admit the price of the dress was surprising and I don't kiss and tell! 

I am so happy that I decided to visit this boutique and could not have picked a better time! Please drop by if you are in Melbourne and share your love and support for Archive and of course spread the word.

Otherwise, happy halloween! May you be blessed with much candy and no cavities! 

Level 5, Mitchell House, 358 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, Vic 3000