22 July 2013

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Just because a few people were curious as to how to maintain sensitive-dry skin: 

So to start off, I have dry to sensitive skin, which means that I suffer from redness, itchy skin, flaking (ew yes), stinging and dry...dry.... drrmy skin... It wasn't always like this, infact I used to have really oily skin, and then when I went through puberty all these changes happened and as well as my body, so did my diet and my skin went a bit crazy!
Because of that, I have to look out for the right products to use to ensure that my skin stays moistured and protected from the sun etc etc (all that stuff you hear about taking care of your skin). Ingredients that I tend to look out for in proucts are mainly hypoallergenic with Vitamins such as E or Pro B5- these are very good for combating the itchy and flaky problems. Aloe Vera, Camomile, Coconut Oil and organic oil-based included products are amazing for repairing, softening and smooth skin out. If however you are blessed enough to not suffer from dry skin or you have normal skin, I am jealous of you, but you can still use the same products to ensure that your skin is just getting the vitamins and nutrients!

Cleansing/ Exfoliating
(L-R) The Face Shop's Rice Water Brighting Cleansing Foam, DAISO JAPAN's Natural Foam Cleansing, NATIO's Renew Radiance Exfoliator, Etude House's Milk Tea Cleansing Cream, Kanebo Naive's Cleansing Foam, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Clean&Clear Facial Cleanser
Cleansing and exfoliating is essential (I wouldn't say important because some people don't need to always cleanse their face, they're... uh lucky? They just wash with water!) to keep the skin looking radiant, clean and helps to wash off hidden dirt and makeup that's forgotten with makeup remover. Since I have dry skin, I have to look for products that not only cleanse my face but also have nutrients that don't dry out my skin even more. In the past, I've used products that make my skin extremely red and stingy (and it's made me cry okay, I cried to my mum) and I learnt the hard way of trial and error, I'd buy a ton of different cleansing and exfoliating products and I'd just chuck out the ones that make my skin feel horrible. Up to now, I'm still in search of the perfect cleansing foam, but for now I have a handful of products that I use- I change their usage every few months because I've found out that using one product for too long doesn't absorb and work properly for my skin so it's just routine to switch. The image aboves shows the products I use regularly and they all work quite well, as long as it's used in moderation. Cleansing is done once a day and exfoliating is done once a week. In terms of exfoliating, I find that using my hands is more useful than using a loo....loofah? But some people swear by them and I guess it just depends on if you like touching your face or not. Anyway, this helps to remove the dead skin cells and leaves your face (usually) feeling very soft and... bouncy, lack of words.

  • Currently I'm using The Face Shop's Rice Water Brighting Cleansing Foam. Prior to this, I actually used natural rice water, I'd take some of the water from the rice when my mum was cooking rice and I'd run to the bathroom and wash my face with it. (LMAO I hope my mum never sees this post.) It works very well, leaves my skin feeling very fresh but sometimes a bit tight, so moisturiser is a must for me afterwards. My favourite thing about it is the smell and the fact that it has the ability to bright one's skin as well as get rid of all the dirt off one's face.

Oil Treatment/Moisturising
Palmer's Cococa Butter Formula, Organic Coconut Oil Butter, StyleNana 3CE Enrichment Treatment Face Oil, Clean&Clear Essentials Moisturiser, Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Cream, NATIO's Face Mist
A basic rule of beauty and skin care is that everyone must invest in a basic moisturiser, no matter what the skin type. If your skin feels a bit itchy or tight, it is crying out for you to use moisturiser! My favourite kind of moisturiser are the kinds that have water in it, it's meant to be a product that helps hydrates and gives the skin a more awake complexion. Once again, I've had to suffer alot of crying and itchy skin to find the right product for me because some moisturisers have too much ingredients in them and it just burns my skin to use it. So like my cleansing products, I change up the usage of each product every few months to ensure that my skin is absorbing all the good nutrients and that the product isn't just sitting on my face and not doing its job!
Enrichment oil is something I discovered while on the hunt for moisturiser- I had been really desperate for anything that would calm my skin down and I was recommended by my cousin to originally use Coconut Oil (yes true). Not only is it good for cooking, but it works very well to help hair become smoother and stronger and helps with dry skin. The rich content in it get absorbed easily into the skin an makes it smell nice and very smooth! It's really good if you don't like the feel of moisturiser and I like how the oils in the products I've tried in general are made from anti-oxidative plant extracts, so it's both moisturising and protective!

  • Currently I'm using the StyleNanda 3CE Enrichment Treatment Face Oil and what I love about it is that face that it looks like oil and it smells very organic and full of nutrients. I only need to use about 2-3 small drops and it'll spread really nicely over my face and absorb really fast! (You can feel it!!) It also gives my skin a really nice dewy look!
  • For moisturiser, I'm currently using Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Cream, it's a very big jar and I'm not too fond of the smell (it's a bit naturally, organically... smelly?) However it is based for people with very dry-sensitive skin and I'm happy to say that it's cheap and it works so well! One of the main ingredients is oats, which is popularity known to help out people with eczema (with the oat baths LMAO) Anyway, the product helps with inflammation is which the no #1 cause of premature ageing!!! Apparently oats help to increase your sexuality too? Eh? I don't know.

How are you goin? Surviving the post? Good on you!!!!! Now comes the part where I give the brief over-view of how I do my makeup!! Once again, I have to consider all the products I use because of my skin, I can't use alot of eyeliners and primers due to the ingredients they have, so I'm really picky with what I use. Once again I'm also always changing up the products I use, this includes primers, concealers and BB creams/ foundations. Below are all the things I usually use on a regular basis. I have alot of random makeup products lying around the house but these are the ones I use religiously because I'm so used to them and I feel confident using them.

StyleNanda 3CE Glossy Waterful Foundation, Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Cream, StyleNanda 3CE Enrichment Treatment Face Oil, Dr. Jart BB Cream, The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes, StyleNanda 3CE Marble Highlighter, BECCA Cheek and Lip Stain, Australis Extreme Mascara, The Face Shop's Extreme Eyeliner in Jet Black #01 
This is the combination of everything I use, from my Primer to my Mascara. In the pictures you can see the skin-care products I use as well (the moisturiser and treatment oil) - then I have my foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow (which is really rare for me to use, only on special occasions?), blush and lip stainer.

  • Primer: I have two primers that I like to use religiously and while I have run out of the The Face Shop's Radiance Primer, I am currently using NP's Calming Pre-Foundation Primer and they both work really well. What I prefer with the NP's Primer though is that it comes out green and once applied to the face, it's meant to work together to blend and colour out the redness in the skin. It's also very calming for the skin with the Aloe extract.
  • Eyeliner: When I first started using eyeliner in 8th grade, I was given a pencil to use and I really liked it, I used to draw on my liner all the way from the inner corners of my eye to the outer, as well as the bottom of my eye, I think I went through a bit of goth stage, but who knows. By the time I was in 10th grade, I had gone from pencil, to gel to pencil to gel to eyeshadow and finally deciding on pen eye liner! I find it so much easier because it's quicker to draw on it and it's very clean, rarely would you find a pen eye liner that smudges or smears when you put it on, because the tip of pen is so fine. Currently I'm using The Face Shop's Extreme Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow: I don't use eyeshadow in general because I've always found it too much for my face shape and the way I do my makeup, but on rare occasions I like to put on a bit of eyeshadow just to make myself look ... uh pretty? Anyway, what I use is The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes, a set of four different coloured eye shadows which I use on the bottom of eyes as a sort of 'eye liner'. What I like about this product is that you can decide on its opacity by adding water, and the ingredients used are made from Community Fair Trade marula oil - which comes from the marula tree, native to Southern Africa. The oil is rich in oleic acid, essential to the maintenance of healthy-looking skin!

Foundation/ Concealer
Touche Éclat Radiant Touch by YSL Beauty, SKIN 79 Oriental BB Cream, StyleNanda 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, Dr. Jart BB Cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, SKIN 79 Super Orange BB Cream
Now having dry skin I'm more of a liquid foundation kind of person, not only that but my mum uses them so I grew up preferring it over the powder kind, which is a bit heavy for my taste and if I'm having a bad skin day, leaves alot of visible patches (gross). Anycorrectorshoo, these the products I switch around using, most of them are BB creams, which are also called 'blemish base' creams that is basically an 'all in one' product to replace moisturiser, primer, regular foundation and sunblock. It can be worn by itself with make up over top, but you can add more sunblock/ etc if you want. Concealer wise I'm not a huge fan of, mainly because most of them are really heavy (for a concealer mind you) and they actually leave my skin feeling really patchy. 
  • At the moment for BB cream/ foundation I'm using StyleNanda 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, it's a very watery.... no.. extremely watery based foundation and not only does it give really good coverage but it leaves the skin feel very light and almost like you're not even wearing anything. However due to it's extremely light texture, I don't recommend to people who really want to cover up all their flaws, I think that natural and light makeup is the key for younger and healthier skin so I try not to cover up all my flaws but hey, we're all different and I can't float your boat.
  • On days where I really need concealer, I use Touche Éclat Radiant Touch by YSL Beauty- what I like about it is the quick and easy application and how you only need one stroke to cover up if you've had a sleepless night. If I use it too much then it makes my skin a bit itchy but it's probably one of the best eye-brighter, highlighter and precise that I've ever come across.
And voilà, pretty much the complete list of all my favourite products to use for my skin care and for my make up routine.