09 April 2013

90's Nostalgia

Recently I discovered a tumblr which made me both excited and nostalgic. dearninety is a tumblr blog which posts Sailor Moon (and various other anime/manga, like Creamy Mami magic angel and CCS), and when I discovered this blog, I fell in love. I was reminded of my childhood and growing up with Sailor Moon on T.V and having her as my ultimate superhero idol (she still is!)
Please check out dearninety, as she is a lovely person (and she said she liked my blog too, I'm so flattered!) and leave her a message of encouragement, because she also does very beautiful fanarts!


All images are credited to dearninety@tumblr.com

Lately, this has led me to really wanting a Sailor Moon related tattoo... or better yet, I've decided to try make a Sailor Moon costume for a future school event (Very exciting indeed.)

Hope you are all having a lovely post-Easter break, the weather has finally gotten chilly here!