09 February 2013

Stylenanda Product Review

Recently, I made my first (and most likely not my last!) purchase to the online Korean retail shop, STYLENANDA.

I discovered them around late 2009/2010 but they only had Korean/ Amercian shipping, soon it became international shipping to my delight. I found out that they do alot of collaborations/ or stock at least, with other well known brands like Jefferey Campbell and Vlieger & Vandam (just to name a few) and from what I saw from other reviews and online images, everything looks like it's in pretty tip top quality!
So yeah, I brought a few things on impulse and I'm going to get it a try at reviewing, I can assure you that I was not paid or anything to praise STYLENANDA, I was just very very impressed. Click to read more!

Right, so I wasn't looking for anything in particular, so I just brought what looked really interesting with a reasonable price. As far as quality and pricing go, I can see why the products seem a bit too expensive for certain things, but the quality is quite good, it's long lasting and I'm very happy with it. I got some makeup, I didn't need anything, so I got what I thought would be useful and long lasting.

  1. Glossing Waterful Foundation in Milk Ivory - $30.83USD
  2. Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach - $18.72USD
  3. Enriched Treatment Face Oil - $29.72USD

Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach
I really like this, more than I expected actually. In the palette, the colour looks really intense but it goes on really subtly, so I could actually get away with this at school. There are three different colours for different skin tones, I chose peach because I have an oddly pale tanned complexion (LOL) and it matches my skintone very well. STYLENANDA said that this product would stay on all day with caking on and I couldn't agree more! As I'm writing this, I'm actually try to get it off my hand, unless you use makeup remover and wipe very hard, it doesn't budge! And since it actually lasts for a long time, the price is very reasonable, I'd say this could last me a year or two. You can use it not only as a highlight, but eyeshadow too, I found out and it looks really good too! You can use either your index fingers or a powder brush, for me, using a powder brush doesn't apply effectively as using my finger, where you can pressure the areas you want more highlighter on.
Rating: ✭✭✭✭
It goes on like actual olive oil, you know that really oily stainy kind of feel?
But once you even it out on your skin, it vanishes completely! No oily feel anymore.
Enriched Treatment Face Oil
For people who have dry skin, this product promises to balance out the moist and oil in your skin so it stops being drying and recovers by absorbing the ingredients without irriating your skin. Not only that, it creates a protective layer and moisturises the skin by having '99%' natural oils such as olive oil and rice bran oil. I have really sensitive and dry skin, so I thought I'd give this a try
; the fact that this product offers such nutrition and moisture for the skin with olive oil really sucked me in and I don't regret it!! Not only does the product smell nice when you open the lid, it actual works for dry skin! I was really really pleased when I put it on, my face was absorbing the oil and it didn't feel oily at all, in fact it felt a bit like just splashing my face with water. It's very glossy, when I mean glosy I mean /hella glossy. The first time round using it, I didn't know how much I'd need so instead of using the recommended 2-3 drops I had probably the size of 10 cent coin and when I put it on, my fact was really reflective and it looked like I'd put on alot of oil for the fun of it. It's very good for using before foundation, as a pre-make up ~protective~ barrier. It's like primer I suppose, but if you're going to use liquid foundation, wait maybe 20-30 minutes otherwise the moisture of the oil and the foundation will get really sloppy on your face (I learnt the hard way). You are recommended to use your hands, but I use a sponge just in case the dirt from my hands gets into the oil and goes on my face.
I'd only wish that the product came in a bigger container, because I know I'm going to be using this alot throughout winter because I have fallen deeply in love with it!
Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

Verrrrrrrrry runny, very smooth
I didn't  blend it all the way, but you can kind of see how this actually applies on really well and it doesn't blotch or patch
Glossing Waterful Foundation in Milk Ivory
A very runny glossy foundation that comes in four tones, this product promises moisture, easy blend, SPF 15+ and gives a finishing flawless touch with a healthy glow and no cake like feeling. I went with Milk Ivory, which is a yellow base and is meant to cover up redness and gives 'life' to pale skin. The first thing I thought was, 'damn how runny and shiny this is!!!!' and I regretted buying this at first, but I'm kind of enjoying the product now. It blends in, very very well. It's actually like there's no foundation on you, which is really good for people who have a habit of re-applying their foundation on multiple layers until they can /see/ the foundation (that's bad for you!!) Goes on with one layers and gives an amazing finish, it feels very light on your skin and yes it does give you a shiny glow. It has a very light texture and it's pretty much like you're putting water on your face, so it actually can't cover up all the flaws and blemishes perfectly like other 'thick' foundations, but I think that natural and light makeup is way better.
This used with the oil treatment is so good, it's like double protect, double coverage A+. For application, you can use either a brush or a sponge, I found that using a brush was useless because this foundation is so watery, I felt that the sponge was more effectively- cause you don't get brush marks and then you don't have to re-apply the foundation to get rid of the brush marks. So that's my only concern that as nice as the foundation is, it's so watery!!  Don't forget to shake the foundation before you use it too!
I'm very happy that it has SPF 15+, that's one product less that I have to use on my face, good thinking!
Rating: ✭✭✭

With the things I brought, I was given two free nail polishes as a thankyou product. I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say the colours are amazing, but they're useable. The brown nail polish looked a bit weird when I first looked at it, but it goes on really well, I'm still debating whether I really like it or not, the clear one is useful as usual (to get away in school with, that is!)

Stylish Leopard Print Fur Jacket
This is was actually why I wanted to buy from STYLENANDA, this jacket caught my eye and the price was really reasonable, so I was like 'why not? winter is around the corner'. I'm a big sucker for fur jackets and even though I keep saying to everyone that I hate leopard prints, I'm lying to myself. It comes in one size and one colour (beige) and all I can say is that I really love it and I cannot wait for the cold winter to roll around so I can wear it! The fabric is really good quality, the fur seems like fur (you know that fake fur feeling? I hate it) and the inside is very cool and smooth! The only thing that I hate about this jacket is that I brought it at $98 and then it went down to like $60 or something, rjhgsleghsdkjhfgslkjdhdkjfhd,gj I'm still so pressed about it everytime I look at it 8(

As far as delivery time goes, it took roughly a week from Korea to Australia, I brought two separate shipments (one on a Saturday and then one on the following Monday), they were delivered on the same day! I like how STYLENANDA offers a tracking service, so you can see exactly where your parcels are at. With the regards of auspost (which really need to step up their game), it was a very breezy delivery. I had a few problems with my jacket going to the wrong address but with the help of the Q&A board on STYLENANDA, things were resolved! The staff who reply to you on the board are very friendly and they reply to everything within a day of it being asked! I panicked so much over making sure that my address was right that I even went to message them on facebook, but they were friendly and replied back! :-D
As for shipping prices, it's very interesting how they offer to lower the shipping with more things you buy. 
$0-$100 - $20 shipping
$101- $200 - $10 shipping
$201+ - free shipping
For the time being, since I'm not a millionaire, I went with the $10 shipping, even offering to buy a shirt for my friend so we'd save shipping money! It's a good deal I think and overall I am a very happy customer.
I really recommend STYLENANDA for those who like good non-designer brand makeup and unique clothes, because I doubt there'd be another person within a 100 metre diameter who is going to be wearing the same leopard print jacket as me!

You can check out the online store here, it's in English and it's very easy to nagivate (just a bit slow)

They also have an official ENGLISH facebook, they actually communicate with fans! (I've had the chance to get a reply from them, so sweet!)

And wait for it, they have youtube too! I've spent countless hours watching some of their videos over and over and over again, I never get bored of it!