26 November 2013

"Why is that shirt expensive? And why did you buy it?"

I think alot of people who take a stroll through my blog or my instagram or just see me regularly know that I am a "Comme devotee" and I actually have no problem with that, in a way I'm kind of spreading word about this label and shows my pride for my Asian heritage.

I am also not a person of many words so this post is going to be difficult for me because I don't know how to express my feelings in cohesive sentences and images will not suffice.

Okay let's start.

31 October 2013


Amidst this exam time for me, I like to get away to the city to do some exploring to get my mind off the stress of extreme studying and cramming to relax a bit. I thought it'd be a good day to go and visit a very cute and new boutique that has the buy-and-sell concept of avant-garde, thrifted and vintage brands called Archive.

12 September 2013

花 [Flower]

Brief: A natured inspired knee-length dress made from satin, chiffon and tulle. Embroidered embellishment at the front and 24 hand sewn jewel buttons at the back.
You might have seen a preview here or here on my Insta!

29 July 2013

A simple Tee

For those who don't know, Commes des Fuckdown is part of  SSUR, streetwear label based in the NYC, with its founder Russ Karablin and while being around for about a good decade, only became a huge hit when artist A$AP Rocky and his crew were snapped wearing it to their shows. This became a huge thing over the internet and became the 'it' street-wear clothing that everyone just simply had to have.

It is a play on the words of the high-end Japanese fashion label 'Comme des Garçons' and made its way back into the fashion scene around the end of 2012. Although I know I have no immediate connection to Comme, as a fan and true admirer of brand, my left eye always seems to twitch a bit when I see anyone wear a Comme des Fuckdown beanie. (The other night at work I was serving a customer who was wearing the beanie and I think I was staring at the beanie so much I might have seemed rude lmao.)

I have to admit, at first I thought it was fun and comical play on the brand, but the original brand Comme des Garçons, in this case (in any case actually) will always reign supreme in terms of both avant-garde and street wear fashion. While yes, the RTW and Couture of Comme des Garçons is not always fitting to many of our wallets, the PLAY sub brand of Comme des Garçons still caters with the young street wear scene.

I honestly remember first coming across the spoof brand and going "OMG Rei Kawakubo-sama needs to slap whoever started this in their sleep and stop it ASAP!!!!!!" (Pun right, cuz A$AP Rocky made it popular). But with all due respect though and in time, congrats for the SSUR branding to be such a hit and to gain so much hype around the world... besides, even if I get mad and write paragraphs upon paragraphs of why I dislike SSUR's Fuckdown so much, I shouldn't even care- Rei Kawakubo is so successful in her own way she doesn't even need to care about this, so I probably shouldn't need to care either! But somedays I do wonder what Ms Kawakubo is thinking of the folk who sports the pullovers reading "Comme des Fuckdown".
But then you know, there's also the other argument to it, that obviously designer clothing is expensive as heck and not everyone wants to spend $150 on a shirt, whereas they can spend $50 on a sweatshirt that has something just as trendy and with the 'street-wear' scene, I can't argue with that. But I suppose, if you're buying something expensive, what comes with it is prestige, the feeling of pride and an investment you know you've done good in- because if you buy something expensive, trust me you will wear it all the time. But again I can't really force people to not buy from SSUR, do what you want, it's your money and your taste!

Although I really try to be indifferent about the Comme des FUCKDOWN brand, I hope it doesn't take away the classic and iconic nature of Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garçons, (this is the most unbiased I can get okay! Trust me, I've tried a lot to turn the blind eye when seeing the SSUR pieces floating around in Melbourne, but when I was at the Comme store a while ago, two girls came in asking for the beanie, I saw how horrified Chris' (Melbourne Pocket store owner!) expression was and I was laughing as the two girls left empty-handed.

I guess it's kinda the same for other brands, I know that Chanel is a hugely spoofed brand (I think it's called CHANNEL ZERO), as well as Hermès (Homiès) and Céline (Féline), with grungey street-wear using the logo in truly heinous font for their shirts and beanies. It just makes me shudder to think that people don't appreciate the real masterminds behind the original brands.

So I thought, why not get something even better to overthrow the Fuckdown slogan? Or at least in my mind.

Introducing the "Comme des Fuckdown? Comme des FUCK YOU" tee.
Basically my whole blog post into one tee. (Sorry about the dodgy pictures OMG did not realise lighting was that bad!)

I really offended my mum though, she walked past me and said "Never wear that when you go out with me, or to visit relatives, or ever. Why did you even get that?"

22 July 2013

Routine ˘ 3˘ /*

Just because a few people were curious as to how to maintain sensitive-dry skin: 

01 June 2013

Comme Play With Me

Been M.I.A lately, so much to do, so little time.
© Images by jjjeou@blogspot.com.au

09 April 2013

90's Nostalgia

Recently I discovered a tumblr which made me both excited and nostalgic. dearninety is a tumblr blog which posts Sailor Moon (and various other anime/manga, like Creamy Mami magic angel and CCS), and when I discovered this blog, I fell in love. I was reminded of my childhood and growing up with Sailor Moon on T.V and having her as my ultimate superhero idol (she still is!)
Please check out dearninety, as she is a lovely person (and she said she liked my blog too, I'm so flattered!) and leave her a message of encouragement, because she also does very beautiful fanarts!


All images are credited to dearninety@tumblr.com

Lately, this has led me to really wanting a Sailor Moon related tattoo... or better yet, I've decided to try make a Sailor Moon costume for a future school event (Very exciting indeed.)

Hope you are all having a lovely post-Easter break, the weather has finally gotten chilly here!

28 March 2013

Lately….Model Diversity

“A great model is a great model, no matter who she is; she can take on any role. I don’t understand why only white girls could be that sort of gin‐soaked boozy girl in Louis Vuitton [this season]. A character can be multicultural. We live in a multicultural world. At this point, it’s almost irresponsible not to represent that on the runway.”­‐ James Scully (Casting Director for Tom Ford, Jason Wu etc)

Finale at Dior
With an ending to Fashion Show, I did a lot of reading to catch up on shows, reviews, model success stories and I passed a few arguments, opinionated articles and posts about how white-washed the runway was.

I began to think about racism and multiculturalism, and I hold it very dear to my heart due to my Asian heritage. I was lucky enough to grow up without racism, but I do know how hard it is to deal with and how it affects people greatly. How does this relate to the fashion industry? It’s a given fact that the runway has always been home to ‘white’ girls, the fact that racism is nothing new in this industry and it is showing no signs of improving, even with a bigger diversity of models being casted every season. Some of the world’s biggest labels that of Calvin Klein or Dior, are notorious for filling up their runways with white models. In Asia, it’s very rare that any Japanese, Korean, Chinese or even Vietnamese models to be casted for any major shows, let alone getting booked for anything outside of their homeland ‐ actually now that I even mention it, if you go through any Vogue China, Nippon or even Elle Vietnam you're bound to see 70% more white models being booked for photoshoots and cover shoots. Very rarely does a Vietnamese model make it on the cover of her own homeland's major magazine.

In my opinion and understanding, it’s always been extremely difficult for a black model to become successful as a model; there are lucky models like Naomi Campbell who had the backing support of Gianni Versace and Yves Saint Laurent and Joan Smalls who had Riccasrdo Tisci and Karl Lagerfeld‐ without a major designer house support‐ there is no success. I personally believe that a beautiful model should should be booked for how she presents herself in her job and how she’ll present the garments, not the tone of her skin.
I can vouch for the other side though when I know that when a designer has a theme or concept for their clothes, they envision a muse that will carry their garments, and of course all different models have different body types, thus not all caucasian models have the right body shape to have a dress hug their body, or if a designer has a sexy concept for their collection, not all asian or black models embody the 'sexiness' appeal that of a European or American girl, true true. Some designers may be stricter than others with what they envision, but you know… I feel like the audience will identify more with models, collections, designers and the idea of fashion if there's more than a bunch of white girls walking down the runway.

This industry seems to be the only industry that hasn't fully moved on from the superiority of the white‐ in T.V, in media, in society, all diversities are appreciated, but it was stated at 90% of models that were cast for the Fall/Winter 2013 season were all white. I’m glad that over the past four years, more and more diversity in castings have happened, with models like Park Soo Joo taking on the major runways, it’s showing that the people in this industry are starting to see the damage of the issue, but it’s still a problem that needs to be completely wiped. So how, and what should be done to fix this?
I always think it all comes down to initiative, determination, time and reaching out to the right people. The media could help to spread the word, people who love this industry, breathe it, live it. But it’s also people like Anna Wintour or Anna Dello Russo who have such powerful positions that they could just force the crap out of people to do something (like change a casting of models for a show) and people would scurry off to do it without arguing back.  . It’s a step-by-­step process that needs to be done in groups of people, and I suppose living in this time and generation is really good for that, we have so much media, social networks and ways of connections that it's impossible not to be able to do it.

Final at Calvin Klein 
Fashion is about the clothes and it's what has interested me to draw me into the industry, so I hope that things will start to change. Or that I may hopefully be able to help make that change. Discrimination should not be around. It was something of the past that should have been fixed and banished ages ago.
Overall though, while I'm really passionate about trying to get this issue sorted (and I know it'll take more than just… talking, it'll take action), I also don't like to talk about this issue since it's so….. sensitive. Some people will bounce straight to a conclusion and say that designers have muses that they can't do without but in the end it's up to how people value the industry.

In the end, a model is a model and that's it. There is no race or the colour of their skin or their status or their homeland. A model's job is to uphold an image of beauty, a body, a face and an attitude to present clothes. Ah, fashion.

09 February 2013

Stylenanda Product Review

Recently, I made my first (and most likely not my last!) purchase to the online Korean retail shop, STYLENANDA.

I discovered them around late 2009/2010 but they only had Korean/ Amercian shipping, soon it became international shipping to my delight. I found out that they do alot of collaborations/ or stock at least, with other well known brands like Jefferey Campbell and Vlieger & Vandam (just to name a few) and from what I saw from other reviews and online images, everything looks like it's in pretty tip top quality!
So yeah, I brought a few things on impulse and I'm going to get it a try at reviewing, I can assure you that I was not paid or anything to praise STYLENANDA, I was just very very impressed. Click to read more!