18 December 2012


Tucked away in a lane in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, I went on an adventure on a lovely sunny day to visit the Comme des Garçons Pocket shop that just opened up. 

The store's layout and general aesthetic is beautifully simple. Something about the atmosphere really dazzled me in a way that luxury stores don't tend too. It made me feel welcome, happy, cheery and just really at peace. There was no intimidating feeling of having to be a celebrity to enter the see-through sliding door and to top it off, the owner, Chris, was incredibly kind and extreme bubbly. She was just as excited to see me enter the store as I was excited to see actual Comme products.

We talked and talked, I learnt a lot about her and how she came to open up the store and she learnt about my dreams and goals for the future- keeping in mind that Rei was one of my few inspirations. There's not really much to actually say, the experience to talk and explore the very small space used up most of my day, not that I'm complaining. I just felt so at home. Thank to you Chris for allowing me to take pictures, even though they were barely good quality phone photos, I hope it makes you curious enough to go visit yourself!

I was honestly not planning on purchasing anything, but given the time and chance, I dived for something knowing that I'd have to come back soon.  Make sure if you're in Melbourne, that you stop by and say hello to Chris. Even if you don't buy anything, you'll really enjoy the experience of being in a Comme atmosphere.

Update: Shortly after my visit and many more, I was offered a placement at the store, I am so happy and blessed!

2 Rankin Lane, Bourke St
Melbourne, 3000